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Cooling Jackets

Universal Prop Water Blast Pickup
5 inch Rail Mount for NEU 1521/1527/1530 motor w/25 mm bolt spacing
5 inch Rail Mount for NEU 5121/1527/1530 w/ 30mm spacing
5" Leopard 56mm Rail Mount
Cooling Jackets
NEU/Castle Creations 1512 Cooling Jacket
NEU/Castle Creations 1515 Cooling Jacket
NEU/Castle Creations 1518 Cooling Jacket
NEU/Castle Creations 1520 Cooling Jacket
NEU/Castle Creations 1717 Cooling Jacket
NEU/Castle Creations 2028 Cooling Jacket
1515 NEU Jacket
1521 NEU Jacket
1527 NEU Jacket
2215 NEU Jacket
L-4074 Leopard Cooling Jacket
Leopard 4074/4082 XL Cooling Jacket
Leopard 5692 Cooling Jacket
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Our water cooling jackets are made out of 6061 aluminum. Fitted with brass 90 degree fittings and 1/8" barb connection. Grooved on the inside with "O" rings for a good fit and seal. We make them as long as possible for maximum heat removal

Many hours of R&D and testing are spent to bring you a quality cooling jacket at a fair price.

Custom orders are always welcome.

Ask about our dealer wholesale pricing for boat builders and hobby stores/shops.

A cool running motor is a longer lasting motor.

With modern Lipo power packs giving more power and longer run times it is a tough job to keep the motor running as cool as possible.

Compared to other shorter cooling jackets on the market, ours cover more surface area of the motor putting more water  in contact with the motor.

Each cooling jacket is hand machined and inspected for proper fit and size.